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HydroEye Dry Eye Formulation (New Formulation)

$31.95/ 30 day supply taking two of the smaller new capsules twice per day.

HydroEye™ is a special formulation for dry eyes. It contains a synergistic blend of omega-6 fatty acids, mucin complex, and nutrient cofactors that help support healthy function of the tear glands.  



HydroEye® Highlights

  •   Unique, patent-pending oral formulation offers dry eye support by providing the necessary nutrients to help maintain a healthy tear film
  •   Contains a proprietary blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and other important nutrients
  •   Offers long-lasting effectiveness with continued use; results typically experienced within 30-60 days
  •   Two capsules taken orally twice daily

$31.95 plus $4.95 shipping for a total of: $36.90
30 day supply

10% off any order of 4

20%  off any order of 6 or more.

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Angeles Vision Clinic
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